On The Road With The Lillys- Melinda’s 30th Birthday Celebration

This year, Melinda turned 30-years-old, and to celebrate Ciara planned a surprise getaway filled with adventure, great memories and unexpected snow. Check out the details and pictures below:

Day 1

Surprise Location: Asheville, NC

Surprise Adventure: Private Glass Blowing Lessons at the Asheville Glass Center

Details: Melinda loves the show, “How It’s Made”, and I remembered an episode we watched about glass blowing. She took such an interest in that and I thought, “Hey, what if I could arrange that experience for her?” That’s how this idea came about and it was a great one! The staff at the Asheville Glass Center was amazing and walked us both through the process of making our own glasses.

Check Out The Asheville Glass Center’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ashevilleglasscenter/

Funny Moment: We arrive in Asheville extremely early because I didn’t want to chance being late. We head downtown for lunch, thinking we could also do some shopping to pass the time. I park the car, put as many coins in the parking meter as possible, and voyage off to have lunch at Chorizo. In the gallery, you’ll see a picture of Melinda’s lunch, she swears that the pork belly was the best she’s ever had. When we returned to the car after shopping and having lunch, I find a piece of paper on my windshield. Can you guess what that piece of paper was? A parking ticket. Can you guess what I did? I tore that parking ticket up and stomped on it, like a true G. Hey, folks, this is Melinda. Here’s what really happened- we paid the parking ticket. Ciara is not about that life. 


Day 2-4

Details: So on the evening of Day 1, all of the meteorologists were calling for inclement weather. Prior to leaving Charlotte, Melinda suggested that we rent an SUV just in case the weather changed. I didn’t listen and chose to drive my car- that’s not a four-wheel-drive. I mean I wanted to save money, people. Well, when it started snowing in Asheville, Melinda was looking at me like…


So, long story, short… We ended up renting a car and leaving my car behind in Asheville. Yes, babe, and what did we learn from this experience? My wife is usually right. And by usually, I mean 99.8% of the time. 

On the morning of Day 2, we woke up to a Winter Wonderland. We got out early because we didn’t want to chance any delays. Our next stop was…

Surprise Location: Gatlinburg, TN

Surprise Adventure: I had rented a secluded luxury cabin overlooking the Smoky Mountains. Before arriving at the cabin, we stopped at a local grocery store in TN to pick up groceries. The plan was to not leave the cabin once we arrived- just rest and relaxation.

Details: This cabin was incredible! The view was breathtaking and the cabin itself was top notch. Melinda loved the shower- it was huge! You could fit at least 15 people in there. I couldn’t get over having a hot tub on the balcony. The third day we were there, it started snowing and it was beautiful. We relaxed in the hot tub while snow was falling around us- imagine that?!? Sounds magical, right? Well it is until you have to get out of said hot tub. Then it’s like…


Check Out Elk Springs Resort’s Website: http://www.elkspringsresort.com


All right, enough with the details, check out some of our photos below!



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