Hope this Helps! : Invitations Pt. 1

Lady biting laptop in frustration


This is me. Not really, I don’t wear glasses anymore :p but for the past few months, this is what I’ve been feeling like! Before I tell you why I felt that way, let me just thank you all for being so patient while waiting for this update on our wedding planning process! You=Awesome!


Now, let me tell you about these dern invitations, honey! Yes, INVITATIONS had me about to gnaw on my laptop like a rack of baby back ribs (Yumm, ribs…)! This has proven to be hardest part of this whole planning experience for me. You’re in for a ride!

Here are the things that made picking out invitations so difficult:

1. They’re expensive as crap! (But you can find ways to save, I’ll share in an upcoming post)

2. The “wedding industry” makes up all these extra considerations for you to consider

3. Martha Stewart

4. Ciara and I have totally different design preferences


The Cost:

Let’s start with the price of invitations. Ciara and I set a budget for our invitations after having done some preliminary research. By “Ciara and I”, I mean ME (rude) and by “preliminary research” I mean Pinterest. But we hadn’t really done our guest list so we only had a ballpark figure of how many people we are inviting to work off of. When I started visiting websites like Minted.com, WeddingPaperDivas.com and David’sBridal, I quickly realized that buying 100 of ANYTHING can easily mean you’re spending hundreds of dollars on invitations alone! And here’s the kicker, most of these sites sell each piece of the invitation individually. If it is just now occurring to you that there are multiple pieces to an invitation, don’t feel bad, I was shocked too! Any one of these pieces can range from .69 cents to $4.00 each. Here are the different pieces you might use in an invitation:

  1. The Invitation – one piece of paper (single or double-sided) that has the info about your wedding date, time and location.
  2. The RSVP (or “Response”) Card – the part that guests fill out and return to you to tell you if they’ll be coming or not. You can also use this to get guests’ meal preferences before the wedding.
  3. The Reception Card – a separate card to tell guests where the reception will be held if it isn’t in the same location as the ceremony.
  4. The Multi-purpose Card – it’s blank. You can put whatever you want on it. If you got a block of hotels for out of town guests, you can put that information on the multi-purpose card. It would be considered “tacky”, but you could also put your registry information on this card (see “MARTHA” below).
  5. Oh, you thought we were done? Ha, ha…nope!
  6. Outer Envelope – this is the one you address to the guests and put your stamp on.
  7. Inner envelope – this is the one that actually holds all of the stuff and goes inside the outer envelope. Click here for an explanation on why you need an inner and outer envelope.
  8. RSVP Envelope – this is the envelope that guests will return their RSVP cards to you in. You can have it pre-printed with your return address and many etiquette websites suggest that you put postage on them before sending to guests.

Yup, that’s up to 3 envelopes per invitation! The good news is that most companies I saw did not charge for envelopes unless you order extra in case of typos. Also, some companies offer bundles or DIY kits where you pay a much lower price per item and can customize your package but have limited design choices. Another cool option are “Seal n Sends“, they’re invitations that have all of the pieces in one origami like piece that you just fold up, slap a stamp on and send it off!

So now you can see how the dollars can add up quite quickly. Another thing to remember is that each piece that you put in your envelope adds weight to the total invitation that you send out, that could have an impact on your postage budget.

Maybe I should’ve encouraged you to grab your favorite beverage (yes, a nice cup of iced tea would do the trick… or vodka) before reading this, forgive me. It was certainly a learning experience for me! You can definitely find some cost-savings when you’re ordering invitations, and I plan on doing a blog about that soon, but next up will be a post about the “wedding industry”, then Martha Stewart and finally a blog about our differing design preferences. I hope you’ll stick around for the rest of this series but most of all…

I hope this helps!



4 thoughts on “Hope this Helps! : Invitations Pt. 1

  1. I am so enjoying watching ya’ll plan your wedding! I was nodding and agreeing the whole time I read this one. Invites are expensive and time consuming!! Cant wait for Part 2!


    • Very smart idea, especially if your family is tech-savvy! If they’re not, like a lot of family members, then you’ll find the traditional invitation to be the best option. We didn’t want grandma missing out on the wedding, because she didn’t know how to check her email. 🙂

      Thanks for reading the blog! Your support is greatly appreciated!

      Liked by 1 person

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