Saying “Yes” to the Dress, Part Two!

It may or may not be 11:38 PM on the day after Thanksgiving and I may or may not be huddled under a blanket sipping hot cocoa, surrounded by wedding books and binders. This also may or may not be the most excited I’ve been since Ciara’s proposal!

I’m kidding, it totally is! In case you haven’t guessed, I said “YES” to the dress today! (I’m on a roll with the yes’ these days) Oh how I WISH I could post pictures of me trying on “the one”. But before I get to talking about the dress, let me revisit the experience with you.

Thanks to all of the wise advice from those who participated in our last poll, I decided to go with the dress I loved and not shop around. I know, it might sound crazy, but Kristy (with a “K”) and Phaedra over at Classic Bride and Formals really made me feel SO welcome, they were SO down to earth and were practically looking for ways to give me discounts here and there. That kind of customer service really goes a long way with us. So let me share some pictures from today:

Clothespins bag

Remember the cute little clothespins I was telling you about in part one?


Entrance (Click to enlarge and see all the lovely details)

Dress Room #1

Dress Room #1

The experience tonight was just as exciting as when I first went to Classic Bride and Formals except this time it was a lot quicker. I already had the dress I wanted in mind and I knew that I only had two concerns about the dress. So I came in with a written list of questions and made sure to get them answered before paying up. One of those included any potential discounts or sales that they could apply. Since it was Black Friday (or White Friday, as the wedding industry calls it) and I bought my dress “off the rack” they were able to give me the same discount as if I had purchased that first day that I walked in. “Off the rack” means that I bought the exact dress that I tried on. This was perfect for me because hardly anyone had tried on the dress, it fit me incredibly well, I was able to avoid any problems with the shipping timeline for the designer (which could’ve been 4-6 MONTHS) and I was able to get a discount.

Two new lessons from this experience were:

  1. Wearing a bra during while trying on a dress really does make a difference. Even minimal padding or straps can add bulk under the dress.
  2. Trying on a dress on the day after Thanksgiving also made a big difference in snugness that I didn’t experience before. :p Keep that in mind if you do any White Friday dress shopping.

Do you know what the HARDEST part of this whole dress shopping adventure has been? NOT showing or telling Ciara. She’s my best friend, y’all! It is SO hard not to talk to her about the features she’s going to like the most or the cut of the dress or even the accessories (and yes, there WILL be accessories!). Aaaah! But what I can tell you is that it may or may not be Allure, it may or may not be Ivory and it may or may not be a fabric that I would never expect to like! Also, it may or may not be a HUGE relief to have this part of the planning DONE! I’m just kidding, it totally IS!

Now it’s time to lock down our venue! We’ll keep you updated!










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